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Borgo Santa Maria in Valle


Via Santa Maria in Valle, 2, 52020 Laterina

 +39 3471595728



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Our Manifesto

2022 Management: Marusca Cacioli - Borgo Santa Maria in Valle - COUNTRY HOUSE TUSCANY -VAT Number: IT02114150515  Privacy -

We believe in LOVE as the main source of life. Let's do with PASSION and HEART all the things that involve us and others.

We believe in PEACE and this place is our PARADISE. If you want to come, we'll wait for you and you'll be WELCOME in our Country House in Tuscany.


We believe in pure JOY because we think it can be good for everyone. You will soon be LAUGHING with us while drinking a glass of Chianti wine

We believe in FORGIVENESS because we like only the beautiful things that life gives us. Here you will always receive a HUG, we are Tuscan country people.

We believe in the FAMILY because it is our best team. We can cultivate our TRADITIONS and design a BETTER WORLD.

We believe in respecting NATURE because it is the only way to guarantee life for future generations. We really like the green and the gold of our countryside. It makes us FEEL GOOD!